Friday, September 23, 2016

Bitcrack’s Educational Series Blog!


Do you want to get started into cyber security?
Are you passionate about cyber security and want to try things out?
Are you tired of seeing cyber security articles without no practical guidance?
Would you like to know and try out new security tools?

Then you have just stumbled upon the right resource. 

Welcome to Bitcrack’s Educational Series Blog!

Here at Bitcrack Cyber Security, we believe basic knowledge should be freely accessible to all. In these series we will help you with the very basics of Cyber Security with hands-on guides from the very beginning of creating your own virtual hack lab to using popular penetration testing methodologies all the way to reverse engineering and exploit development. 

NOTE  – This educational series is not meant for experts. For technical articles please go to:

So let’s get right to it.

Oh, and if you want more info such as a specific guide, can’t get a tool working or anything to do with IT and cyber security,
send us a tweet at:
                @bitcrack_cyber | @secjay | @RuraPenthe0

..because emails are too boring and who has time for forms! :-)

PS - We also do corporate-based security training should you or your company want to get really in-depth into hacking in a class setting.

Finally, follow our Linkedin page at for the latest security trends and news 

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